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Department of Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy

Welcome to the Department of Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy at the Institute of Spatial Planning at the Vienna University of Technology.
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The Department of Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy views public policies, and thus also public (government) planning(e.g., spatial planning) from an economic perspective, and analyzes the foundations and outcomes of planning by means of diverse economic evaluation methods and models. Economic policy especially with respect to the welfare state and the manifold policy fields is at the center of the analysis.

The pages of the department offer diverse information about research fields and projects, scientific publications, teaching as well as bachelor, master, and doctoral theses.


Dienstag, 2021-02-16

Call for papers - Recent dynamics in homeownership and housing wealth

Call for papers for workshop on the recent dynamics in homeownership and housing wealth on May 27th. Submission of abstracts possible until March 30th.

See event page for further information


Freitag, 2021-01-22

Job opening - researcher (doctoral candidate) - valuation of urban heat islands

Job opening for a doctoral candidate interested in urban heat islands - health - choice experiments

•    Research on the economic valuation of policy programs for mitigating urban heat islands and the adaption to climate change in urban areas...


Dienstag, 2021-01-05

Forschungsbereich Finanzwissenschaft und Infrastrukturpolitik im Homeoffice

Aufgrund der derzeitigen Situation befinden sich die IFIP-Mitarbeiter*innen von 03.11 bis vorerst 31.01.2021 im Homeoffice.

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