Forschungsbereich Finanzwissenschaft und Infrastrukturpolitik
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Main Areas of Research of the Centre for Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy

  • Public Finance  
    Budget analysis and forecasting of public budgets, federalism, financial equalisation, regulatory and funding instruments   
  • Infrastructure economics and policy   
    Market analysis and regulation in the fields of transport, energy, water and sanitation, waste, telecommunications, social and health services   
  • Resource and environmental economics   
    Economic assessment of the use of natural resources and the ecological dimensions of economic processes   
  • Land and property economics   
    Economic analysis of real estate activities with urban, regional and economic dimensions, technology centres   
  • Urban and regional economics   
    Sectoral, regional and municipal economic analysis and policy, spatial distribution of economic activities   
  • Software and method development   
    Specialised software, model and information systems in the field of public finance and individual infrastructure areas, e-government)

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